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We all like to look good, but in order to look good, we have to feel good about ourselves first; here at EatTrainDressup we will share ideas and tips on how to do that!

Yeah yeah we’ve all heard that before you must be thinking. Well…for sure you have, so have we, but we want you to give it a go, come and take a look at what we will have here for you from now on. There will be all sorts of things, travel, music, films, inspiration and whatever else it’s worth sharing, keep it tuned…it’s happening…



Cheerful, funny peoples person. Food, coffee and fashion addict. Loves social media, blogs, and fabulous things!  Always in a search of something extraordinary. Agrees that happy girls are the prettiest.





The curious and messy one. Disorganized and often late, she likes getting lost in  the godforsaken places where she always buys her way out with a huge smile and bag of sweets. A dangerous cookie monster and a self-confessed foodie.



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