What I learned at Blogstock 2015

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What’s BlogStock all about?

BlogStock is the only blogging festival in the UK, of course, there are a lot of similar events happening across the country, but none of them offer the same experience. This is the place where you can swap your fancy suit for a pair of wellies, a warm, waterproof jacket, in order to experience a weekend of camping, networking with like-minded people, learning, drinking and partying.

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It’s all about meeting great people

BlogStock is where I met well-known veterans of blogging industry , such as a lovely Amanda from Macromama – a fearless expat who explores the world through authentic cultural experiences, or Alastair from Travel Dudes who had the most inspirational business card I’ve seen! I also had a pleasure to talk to niche bloggers like Marcin from Kitelancers who blogs about travelling the world “with a kite in his hand”, Florine from World Adventure Divers – a brave, scuba diving blogger who likes swimming with basking sharks on the West Coast of Scotland, or Boleslaw from Room Auction who makes life easier for budget travelers.

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It’s all about passionate individuals

For me BlogStock was a great opportunity to see all those different bloggers coming together and sharing their experiences with each other. I was amazed to see so many creative individuals who were extremely passionate about what they were doing. What I liked the most about talking to people at BlogStock, was the fact that everyone truly believed that they can make the difference.


It’s all about learning new things

So what was there for me? Well, apart from networking with many interesting people and avoiding being eaten alive by a snake, I learned things that can be really helpful for in my day-to-day outreach role. Here’s my top 5 things that learned at Blogstock:

You need to take risks, being brave, and maybe a little crazy in order to transform you from being the ordinary to the epic – Kitelancers

Best pitches are always short and relevant – Explorista

Be confident in creating your unique style online – FrogGirlGinny

How to use your strengths in order to gain the confidence to negotiate great deals –LiveShareTravel

A cup of hot chocolate, sweet potato fries and a chat with a stranger next to you,are enough to make you forget that it was arctic cold – Mokubeach


Blogstock was a great event, I met many interesting and creative people, I’ve learned a lot at the sessions, and I hope to return there next year!


Ps. I’ve written a similar piece for my company blog.

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