Refreshing strawberry, basil and mint salad

Very refreshing strawberry, basil and mint salad.

Summer is here; therefore we should enjoy all the fresh fruits we get this season. One of my most favourite summer fruit is strawberry. It’s just so juicy, refreshing, naturally sweet and healthy. It naturally whitens your teeth (yes, please)!

cup of strawberries

yummy strawberries

We usually eat fresh strawberries with cream and sugar, but have you tried strawberries made with basil and mint? I promise you, it’s divine – fresh, zingy, sweet and refreshing!

You need:

600g fresh strawberries

1 medium orange

Few mint leaves

Some freshly chopped basil

Some sugar

200ml fresh cream (to make it vegan, you can use soya/rice whipping cream)

strawberry salad


Simply chop the strawberries in quarters, mix it with sugar , orange juice and zest .

Keep it in the refrigerator for about an hour. Once it has cooled down, stir in the chopped herbs (mint and basil).

Most tasty when serve with fluffy whipped cream. Yummy!

 strawberry and basil salad                  source

Enjoy your summer !

Do you have any great recipes with strawberries?

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