Wall Posters – My New DIY Challenge

diy tableWhy DIY

Scottish ‘summer’ is officially over, it’s getting too cold for evening bike rides, or long walks. I’ve been spending more time at home thinking what shall I do with my spare time. That’s why, I decided to turn into a DIY goddess and better up my flat with some creative craft ideas. I’m a great fan of any kind of DIY’s, it gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment when you create something instead new of buying it, and the fact that you show off your skills, is an added bonus 😉

Looking for inspiration

For the past few weeks Pinterest was my number one site. I’ve been searching, browsing and pinning like crazy in order to some ideas for my ideal home. Being particularly fond of upcycling ideas, I’ve imagined myself doing some truly MAcGyver style jobs by distressing my old cabinet. But sadly, imagining is one thing and doing is another…. That’s why, I opted for something that is more feasible and that doesn’t require advanced DIY skills – a set of themed wall posters.

Design has always been a hobby for me. I taught myself basics of Photoshop and InDesign so I feel pretty confident about making simple projects, and it’s also a fun way to spend long autumn evenings. With my inspirational pinterest board ready, I know that I only need to sort out my shopping list.

A simple idea

Here’s what, I need: A3 format picture frames, a new cordless drill and good quality ink cartridges for my HP printer. I’ve seen really good frames in a charity shop, I can get a cheap drill off eBay, and for ink cartridges, I’ve been using InkPlusToner page. You can check their HP deals and buy here.

So here’s what I’ll try to recreate:

stagnaked ladyabstractwolfWish me good luck 😉

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